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Branding & Packaging, 2018

Branding & Packaging Design for 60BPM.

Organic Skincare for All Workout Lovers!

It was my aim to create a rewarding and healthy trademark for the sector in an era in which being fit and organic life has gradually started to find its meaning. Actually, the important thing is to be healthier, more energetic, and more fit. All our wish after a daily hassle is to get rest, let off steam and ease our body a little bit… Starting with the experiences which I have gained from my spa experiences throughout the years and being in the organic cosmetics production, we have created the brand 60bpm, a brand that improves our well-being and relieves post-sport and post-training muscles which we have always wanted to be in our lives, and which many of us want to make a way of living. It is the average heart rate per minute and ideal training duration what states the 60bpm.  With 3 different products and different effects felt by each product, it is coming here to stay for you after sport and end of day. Loves for those who shares my excitement, my energy and for those who contributed in this adventure.

60 BEATS PER MINUTE... Tired but happy muscles...​​​​​​​

Illustrator by Cansu Merdamert

Organic Scincare Products

Agency: Studio Born

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