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Lime Alaçatı is a brunch cafe by blending modern and traditional flavours founded in 2019 by the young generation of İmren Alaçatı Tatlıcısı, a family business that has been serving the food and tourism industry since 1941 in one of the most popular touristic city in Turkey.


With the compelling visual language beautifully inspired by the city’s famous windmills, I've created an identity with a lime windmill and lime girl, honouring the family-run business’s rich history. The colour palette evokes the Alaçatı colourful landscape and the warm joy inherent in the brand. Packagings with circular holes, that evokes sun, and the logomark, typography, mascot and the visual identity nods to the eating, drinking, and enjoying of laid back vibe, and intimate seaside setting.

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